End of factory cage farming in the EU by 2027



Current data show that over 300 million livestock in the European Union spend all or most of their lives in cages.
Deprived of the ability to move, take care of physiological needs, the view of the sun, grass, the feeling of wind or rain on your skin.

This is the fate of chickens, mothers of pigs, calves, rabbits, ducks and geese to the greatest extent. But it also applies to other farm animals.

The European Commission will start work on regulations that will abolish factory cage farming by 2027. And this means that in 2027 there will be
regulations prohibiting factory cage farming throughout the European Union. The Commission is also expected to deal with rules on imports from non-EU countries in this regard.
This is definitely positive news. Ending the use of cages is a massive step towards ending factory farming.

However, when you look at the distant date and the numbers of animals suffering, 2027 seems a long way off.
If this date meant a total ban on the exploitation, killing of animals, manipulation of their reproduction in order to turn them into meat, an end to any form of exploitation and harm to animals I would be more optimistic.


Factory cage farming is animal suffering, but also a huge threat to humans. The animals are kept in terrible conditions that put them at risk of wounds, cuts, bedsores and other diseases. They cannot fulfill their natural, basic needs which leads to pathological and destructive behavior.
Female pigs are forced to lie in one position, so they live in their own droppings, and their babies die crushed by the mother body. Such disastrous conditions as the transport of animals also favor the spread of viruses, which additionally supports the weakened immune system of stressed and suffering animals. And let us not forget about the brutal treatment of animals by people working in such places or during transports, beatings, bullying and abusing innocent creatures.

Despite the fact that EU regulations prohibit the use of antibiotics for preventive purposes, the reports of the inspected breeders showed that about 70% use antibiotics. The widespread use of antibiotics in industrial farming is considered by epidemiologists to be one of the greatest threats to public health in the world. So it is already causing antibiotic resistance approximately 50,000 deaths a year in Europe and the United States alone.
Therefore, epidemiologists are convinced that the worst is yet to come. As we read in the latest report for the World Health Organization,

“if it is true that <the past is a prologue>, there is a very real threat of a rapidly progressing, highly lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic that will kill between 50 and 80 million people and wipe out nearly 5 percent of the world´s economy in one fell swoop. A pandemic of this magnitude would be a catastrophe of widespread havoc, instability and insecurity. The world is not prepared for it”.

By observing what happened when the coronavirus appeared, it can be said that we are only fighting the symptoms, not removing the cause.
As in response to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, says Dr Liz Specht of The Good Food Institute,

“it’s time to admit that as a civilization we have outgrown the antiquated way of using animals to produce protein. Hunting and breeding have contributed to the growth of the human population over the millennia. But in 2020, we must be brutally honest
with ourselves. We can’t go on doing this. The current [food production] system is not working properly. It is also ineffective, insecure, unbalanced and extremely dangerous”.

As you can see, we should stop factory cage farming immediately, leave the animals alone and switch to a
100% plant-based diet today. And we should not wait for the European Union to implement the ban in 2027, but start today, with ourselves.


This decision is a progress, but looking at what we are striving for, it is a drop in the ocean.
I think I will not lie when I say that every vegan dreams of a world where every animal is free, happy, has the right to a dignified life, on the same conditions as you and me.
Imagine being born in a cramped, cold, vile room, alone. And from the very beginning, your life is a streak of suffering, experienced cruelty and loneliness. You were conceived for profit only, as one of many numbers, only to soon die in terrible suffering and doubt.
Anyone who thinks that these are exaggerated statements should undergo an experiment – lock themselves in a cage or a tight room for 24 hours.
Not able to go out, with limited freedom of movement, eating and drinking. Where the rule I have to go to the toilet does not apply. Add to that the numerous wounds, beatings, and abuse of you. Now multiply that times a few years. How would you feel then?
What would you think of your torturers?
It is ignorant to argue that animals cannot be
compared to humans. We feel the same, we suffer, we cry, we love the same way. We also want to avoid pain, we want to be happy, we want to be loved, we want to share life with our loved ones.
If every human being was guided in life by empathy, we would not have to fight, demonstrate, write petitions. It would not be necessary to wait until 2027, because no one would be enslaved.


Each of us can prevent it, you can end it. It is enough to see yourself in another living being, live alone and let others live according to what we would like to live for ourselves.
We live in a time when we can eat a plant-based diet without giving up anything. All products are available on the shelves in the store, there are vegan restaurants, clothes.
So, as you can see, change depends on the simplest decision you make every single day and the choice
you make through it.
There is no shade of gray here. There is only good and bad.
So choose wisely.

Joy Forst