Hell in Erligheim

Two weeks ago in Erligheim , 17 animals were found dead on one of the farms there. They were cows, pigs, chickens which the owner starved and tortured. The animals died in terrible suffering, hungry, thirsty, drowning in their own droppings. Last week we traveled to this village to protest and show the truth through photos and video material. This farm is not located in a remote area, on the contrary, it is surrounded by other houses full of inhabitants. And yet no one reacted to the cries of despair, the doubts of the suffering animals. For none of the villagers, the constant cry for help lasting many days did not seem interesting.

During the demonstration, people were hostile to us, the police did not leave us behind. The mayor and other residents want to sweep the matter under the rug, act as if nothing happened. One of the women told us that the torturer is the victim and that he should be regretted. The video material you can see shows who the victim is. It leaves no doubt who has prepared hell to whom, calmly looking at his work. This material is terrifying, and it took the veterinary office over a week to take care of the bodies of tortured animals. Will the abuser be properly punished and what will be the appropriate punishment? People are appalled that activists are making a scandal where there is no reason at all, they say that we are making a drama out of nothing and our only goal is to draw attention to ourselves.

We are making a drama because the event that has taken place is dramatic! 17 tortured bodies, but what is scary is the lack of reaction from anyone. This is a drama. It is outrageous that as humans we have become indifferent, callous and soulless. That we care more about material things than about another living being, that we belittle the lives of other beings, that we segregate who is important and who can be treated as garbage. This is what we teach our children, this is what we emit to our surroundings and, in effect, make them so. How can you live peacefully next to such a murderer?

Villagers should be seriously scared because a man who perpetrates such cruelty on animals will do exactly the same with humans, which has been scientifically proven. Virtually 100% of the most dangerous murderers, rapists, pedophiles, start from abusing animals because they are virtually unpunished. They are aware of the legal consequences that threaten them if they commit such acts on people, and this is usually the only barrier that holds them back. How are they able to accept such a rogue, how are they able to cope with the responsibility that weighs on them that they have done nothing. They could save the lives of 17 animals, save them from hell, but they did not take any action, they condemned these animals to death. If you think that the villagers may not have heard anything, it is enough for you to go to the nearest slaughterhouse or farm where cows are kept, and you can buy freshly stolen milk, which was intended for a small calf, in the vending machine. In these places you will see how loud animals can scream, and the pain and suffering coming from their throats will pierce your heart.

After such an experience, nothing is ever the same again. Or at least it shouldn’t be. It is inconceivable to be able to remain indifferent to such circumstances. As activists, we pay attention, attract the media and do it only to open people’s eyes, to move their hearts, so that such tragedies do not happen, that animals stop being murdered, eaten, exploited, used, abused, and terrorized by humans.

Because we humans are the devil to animals. The wrongs that these creatures experience at our hands cry out for vengeance. It is our moral duty to be a voice for those who do not have this voice themselves. Until animals experience peace, love, equality, empathy, acceptance, respect from people, we will never cease to be their voice. If the activity or presence of activists irritates you, that is, you are not a person who loves animals. Otherwise, at least with your heart you would be with us.


Joy Forst