Animal lovers don’t eat animals

In my life so far I have never met a man who would not describe himself as an animal lover. We consider ourselves good, but are we really like that?

All I have to do is ask an animal lover where he would go for dinner or what he likes to eat the most. Unfortunately, most often it turns out that the proverbial good person who would not hurt the flies is an ordinary hypocrite and ignorant. This animal lover passionately mentions meat dishes and dairy products.Why are we accustomed to the love of so-called domestic animals and, as little children, forced to eat meat? Why are we trained and “trimmed” to fit in with society? He teaches us to love selectively, he limits us. And then the effect is that we grow up to be carnivorous hypocrites and we aren’t even aware of it.

My heart is filled with excruciating pain as I read the data on mass-farming  of animals that are literally produced for a monstrous short life and imminent death. So many people do not want to see the truth, they do not see the connection between a living creature and a cutlet on their plate. Shouldn’t animal lovers love literally all animals? Shouldn’t it be obvious for them to give up all animal products?Yes of course. If we consider an exemplary man as a model of goodness and love, we do not expect him to abuse his neighbor in his basement. Such awareness would definitely change our opinion about him. So why does the meat-eating animal lover not arouse outrageous emotions?


The last essay by Christina Bernd that appeared in the paper only shows how low we have fallen. If the author believes that everyone who loves animals should eat them for their good, then I sincerely sympathize with the relatives whom she loves. Its text is scary because it shows that many people will manipulate their hearts and values ​​in order not to have to change anything and not open up to the truth, facts. What reality does Bernd live in, saying that before the animals are sent to the slaughterhouse, they enjoy a successful, happy, family life? Love is the highest, most beautiful feeling.



Love is pure good. So how can you, in one statement, equate I love you and I’ll kill you? It’s terrifying. I am pleased to invite the author to a demonstration in front of the slaughterhouse to see the suffering, terror and harm that animals will experience at the hands of humans. I will show her the separation of mother and newborn calf, the pain they will experience. Butchers who immediately slit the throats of conscious animals, transports of animals that are crowded, beaten, hungry and thirsty..


Dear reader, animal lovers do not eat animals. Real animal lovers love all animals without exception. They don’t kill them, eat them, use them, or harm them. So I’m asking you do you really love all animals or are you lying yourself?


Joy Forst