What about this happiness?

I recently wrote an article about the satisfaction and quality of sexual life in herbivores and carnivores. The statistics and research that I am presenting there are unambiguous, but the topic interested me so much that I decided to conduct my own research.Undoubtedly, sex is a very important field, but I wanted to check whether the optimism and satisfaction of herbivores also translate into other aspects of life.

Optimism, a positive attitude to life and cordiality definitely affect the quality of our existence, thus we have a strong impact on others. Among the people I asked (and above all watched), 100% of herbivores are positive. Only 25% of carnivores exhibit these traits.

What we nourish our body definitely affects our mind. The digestive system sends information directly to the brain, so you can make your own observations yourself as long as you include mindfulness in the meals you prepare, choose and eat.

This interesting study will reveal a huge dependence on this issue and even if you are already 100% herbivore, you may notice which products are not your digestive system favorites.

Carnivores have a tendency to fatigue, complaints, general malaise and health problems (as much as 77%!).

People with whom I spoke seem to focus mainly on deficiencies and whining (that the vacation was too short, the weather is not good, and tomorrow is Monday again).

Herbivores, in turn, see the bright sides, enjoy what they have and, above all, have a lot of gratitude (96%). Among the respondents, only one person mentioned their health problems mentioning their ailments. Asking such a question in the second group showed that practically each of these people has at least one health ailment, and the vast majority can talk incessantly about their diseases and refer to those not yet officially confirmed but certainly existing.

There are also significant differences when it comes to physical activity. Herbivores prefer stairs, a bicycle and a walk. They describe their overall well-being as light and satisfying. As many as 98% of herbivores would not change anything in their appearance. They love themselves and feel happy in their body.

In the case of carnivores, it looks alarming because only 27% of respondents have positive emotions about themselves, and only 19% would not change anything in their appearance.

The sex issues practically confirmed the data I presented in my article.

Well, from my own experience I can say that I am very happy since I became a 100% herbivore. Along with veganism, my life has changed dramatically and well. Anyway, many people who knew me once and today have converted to veganism themselves only because they felt, saw what kind of person I became and wanted the same for themselves.

Fortunately, the individual is influenced by many aspects, but the base is built by each of us in our interior, mind and heart. So food is our energy. It can be green, juicy and fresh, or brutal, toxic and dead. Undoubtedly, the quality of energy fills us whole and expresses itself in the quality of every area of ​​our life.

Joy Forst