Ed goes vegan #2

Third day without meat… I would have eaten something… Actually, I had dinner an hour ago. Rice with vegetables. I’m still hungry. Actually, I’m hungry all the time.  I want a burger, or at least scrambled eggs – on bacon, of course. I didn’t think I’d start feeling the effects of my change in diet so quickly. On the other hand, no wonder. Until now, I’ve eaten almost a kilo of meat and animal products every day. Milk, eggs, honey and cheese in all quantities. What I didn’t realise was that in almost every meal I had eaten up to that point, there was something I wasn’t going to eat any more. The search for replacements began.


Before I set off on my trip to the supermarket (literally an expedition – I felt like an explorer of unknown lands), I decided to prepare myself. I had a quick browse on the internet for something I could add to my meals. Chops, meatballs, non-meat, soy, soy, soy…. soy everywhere. Really? We’re in the 21st century and we still have to eat soy exclusively? By the wives and my luck…. there was Joy . A quick exchange of words over the communicator and I already knew what to buy at the beginning and what not. By the way, I got some information that it is better to spend some time and prepare something myself, but… it wasn’t that stage yet.
I opted for gyros made of peas, tofu and burgers made of sunflower sprouts and mushrooms. Yes, I like fast food – I’ve never made a secret of that. I work a lot and throwing something on the grill has always been the best option for me. I thought – ok, just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I can’t grill after all.


So I started with a plant-based burger. Of course, I didn’t just replace the patty itself. I decided to take things seriously and replaced all the toppings with vegan ones.  The only thing I gave up was the bacon. Soy? Well sorry, but I won’t touch that. Back to the burger itself – I fell in love and was lost. Literally.  I was missing absolutely nothing. I was in love with the burger itself. I can tell you that most traditional meat sandwiches were far worse than what I currently had on my plate. I will tell you about my experiments with tofu and vegan kebab at another time. Anyway… That’s when I first thought I could live without meat.



You’ve probably noticed that I kind of disparage soy. Here’s the fact. I do not recognise soy chops. I have tried many times – each time I get a headache and nausea. Besides… whenever someone said they were top quality, fantastically cooked and the best – they still tasted like a crap. I’m not saying that everyone has to agree with me – a matter of taste. I’ve come to the conclusion that if something doesn’t taste good to me, and it has to pretend to be meat just for the sake of it – I prefer not to eat it. Ok, you will tell me that I bought tofu and I am not complaining, and it is also soy. Correct, but I don’t get nauseous after tofu. Besides, grilled with vegetables, served with sweet and sour sauce and rice, it tastes delicious. As a substitute for chicken in spicy curry also . I have nothing against soya yoghurt either, as it tastes even better than traditional yoghurt. Soya milk? Nope. Only almond milk, and not all of it. To this day I only recognise two producers. how did I choose? Simple – I tested to see if I could drink a glass and find that it was tasty.


You may say I’m picky, that I can’t sacrifice for the sake of it blah blah. It’s my plate and I was supposed to live with it. So I couldn’t force myself to do anything. I started to consciously choose products that I liked. At first, I didn’t even bother to check the quality of the ingredients. I had to convince myself that a plant-based diet could be just as tasty, otherwise sooner or later I would simply give up, and seriously… I wasn’t going to. Sure, today my approach to the topic and the vegan lifestyle looks completely different, but that’s a topic for another post. Still, a barbecue with friends can’t go without sunflower sprout burgers. Okay, I’m hungry, so until next time!


Ps. More vegan informations you will find at Joy’s social media!

Joy Forst