Real humanity

Humanity – something that supposedly sets us apart from animals. The ability to feel compassion, empathy and help others. People often boast about it, we watch beautiful films on TV about how great humanity is. Is that really so? It seems to me that all this humanity and compassion, the majority only applies to other people. What about animals? Do they not deserve it anymore? Are they inferior?

Veganism is humanity in its purest form. Complete and sincere. No one is above anyone else and that is the most beautiful thing about it. It doesn’t matter whether you have two or four legs. You fly, swim or drive a car. You are alive, so you deserve love and respect, regardless of your species. The vegan lifestyle is associated by many with dieting. In fact, most people think that we just don’t eat meat. Just like the more radical vegetarians. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, because it’s hard to make a more stupid comparison. As they say, ignorance breeds contempt. Hence, the frequent attacks on the vegan community. The ignorance of carnivores is so obvious. Where is the humanity? Where is the understanding of differing opinions and respect for each other? None. People who cry about Africa’s starvation, on the one hand, do not see the opportunity in veganism. They do not understand that this is the way to feed the whole world. For them, it was, is and will be exclusively about giving up meat. Nothing more.


But we vegans see the world in a completely different way. We know that every living being has exactly the same rights to life. We are all equal – no exceptions. That’s what’s beautiful and that, in my opinion, is humanity. The knowledge that I don’t have to kill and harm animals in order to survive. Modern technology has long allowed us to produce clothes, furniture and pretty much everything without using animal products. Exactly the same applies to food. Let’s skip the taste completely, because we know that vegan tastes better 😉 We can get all, absolutely all micro and macro nutrients from plants and mushrooms. So why harm animals? After all, it’s pure selfishness, which has nothing to do with humanity in the slightest.



I dream of a world in which nobody suffers. A world without violence, without the exploitation of others AND ANIMALS! This is what I fight for every day and whenever I can, I try to educate people. I have already managed to convince many people and I am proud of it. More! They are proud to have changed their attitude towards life and the creatures that inhabit the planet. Suddenly, it turned out that veganism doesn’t hurt 😉 Instead, it gives incredible satisfaction and strength. The awareness that you are living in harmony with the world and doing good for others and yourself. You do not divide people by skin color or religion. You do not divide living beings into humans and animals, because we are all equal. A human being means as much as a duck. Outrageous? For me, it is wonderful. Especially because when I look at animals, I get the impression that they are more human than we are.

Animals don’t kill for pleasure, they don’t mistreat other creatures for entertainment. After all, animals often help each other and do not look at the differences between species. How many times have you read about an animal raising an abandoned baby of a different species? I cannot even count them. This is the beauty of this world and this is true humanity, full of empathy and love. I think we can learn a lot from animals. To learn how to be human. There is only one way to true humanity. It is called veganism.

Joy Forst