The new year means new plans, goals, resolutions and dreams. This is the time when we are most willing to make changes and take on new challenges.

  I have also prepared a plan of projects that I really want to implement and I have developed a map that will help me get where I want to be.This is the perfect year to be good, loving and empathetic to all forms of life. But it’s best to start with yourself because you can’t give another being what you don’t have.


I end the old year with a summary of who I have become, what changes in my life I have made, what dreams I have realized and which goals I have achieved. Then I write a letter to myself in which I describe what kind of person I am, what I do and where I am, and what my (in this case) 2022 looked like. I will open this letter on January 1, 2023. It is a wonderful adventure that allows you to take a look at yourself and program your subconscious mind to lead us wherever we want. Creating your own dream map is also a great tool. I perfectly remember the first item I wrote down on my first ever dream board: I AM A GOOD PERSON.


Love led me to both the dream board and the first desires written on it. Living in the outside world, as far away from yourself as possible so as not to have to face the inconveniences of your own interior, there is no question of love. When you are aware of a nagging emptiness, a constant feeling of discomfort, because everything seems to be fine, but in your heart you still feel that it is only appearances, it is worth asking yourself what kind of feelings you have. In my case, it was the teachers I encountered and the books I read that led me to who and where I am. It was then that I realized that love is the key. Because it’s the most wonderful thing we can feel. If you love yourself, your heart is filled with love that you can give to anyone and anything. Inextricably linked with love is gratitude, the latter feeling of great power. Love automatically led me to veganism, because how can you pursue the desire to be a good person, if your meal is a dead victim of violence?My beloved quote is: LOVE MADE ME GO VEGAN and that’s exactly what happened in my case.


It’s sometimes easier than we think. It doesn’t have to be an immediate passion that will turn into your job and bring you millions – although maybe. It’s more about what makes you forget about the world, that your heart grows and you feel that you have something wonderful inside you that releases enormous power and introduces you to a state of flow.It is what you love, what triggers the best in you and works great for others. If you don’t know what it is, search, try new things, discover, be curious. One of such activities for me is coloring with crayons. I love it because then I feel relaxed, happy and I am full of positive emotions. Maybe a cliche, but these are the small things that make up our whole life.


For me, love is mainly about walking and mountains. When I can combine these two factors, I become a moving unit of love. Then I love everything and everyone, I find a solution for every problem immediately, no display of negativity is able to lower the level of light in my heart. And although I try to devote as much time as possible to hiking in the mountains, unfortunately I am definitely more time off the trail. On the other hand, every moment spent in this way charges my batteries to the maximum, I charge my heart with what is most wonderful. And remember that you always reflect what you soak up. It allows me to bestow my surroundings with what is best in me. It is the same with negative feelings that resemble darkness. You don’t have to fight it – just bring light (love) into the dark, which will naturally disperse the darkness


And now the most important, ask yourself one most important question: am I the person I want to be and am I creating a world around me that I want to live in? Think about this; if I can be whoever I want, do I really choose the best possible option? Is the world around me the world of my dreams, or are there issues that I would change? Do I build a world out of my dreams by my own conduct, actions and choices?You have more influence than you think, your every move creates the world we live in. We can create a world based on love, respect, empathy, and gratitude if we live by these values ourselves and if we give it ourselves. We can treat all creatures exactly as we would like to be treated ourselves, because if you put yourself in someone else’s place, you will rather easily apply the above-mentioned values. The principle of the functioning of the universe is very simple – whatever comes out of you (emotion, deed, thought, etc.) will come back to you. If good, love comes out, you will get it back, and you will “infect” your surroundings with what you give, so as you can see, you have a huge impact on the quality of the whole world. Find love in every possible form, activity, enterprise, be inseparable from the source of love so that you can spread it further, emanate the feeling of the greatest power. Love can do anything and is the source of everything. Make sure this feeling fills you to the brim. “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good, that we can often win by being afraid to try.William Shakespeare

I wish you a year of KINDNESS

Joy Forst