World Vegan Day


World Vegan Day is a holiday celebrated by vegans around the world on November 1, in memory of the founding of the Vegan Society in 1944.

The Vegan Society is a charity promoting veganism founded by Donald Watson in the UK. It was the first vegan organization to spread the word “vegan”, which was coined by Donald Watson with the first three and last two letters of “vegetarian”.

Vegan society provides information on veganism (proper vegan diet, why go vegan etc.), conducts social campaigns to promote veganism, publishes the free magazine The Vegan. In addition, this organization supports activists and offers a certification program for vegan products labeling them with its trademark

Vegan Trademark – a mark that reassures consumers that a given commercial product does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

If the world went vegan, it could save 8 million people by 2050, cut greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds, save health care and avoid climate damage estimated at $ 1.5 trillion. And although the demand for meatless food increased by 987% in 2017, the road to a 100% vegan world still seems to be a long way off.


Between 2014 and 2018, the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled. According to the data of The Vegan Society from 2018, over 600,000 people declared themselves vegan, which is 1.16% of the population. The same 2018 source reports that one in three Britons has drastically reduced their meat consumption or stopped eating meat, citing concern for their own health and the environment.

In 2017, in the United States, the number of vegans rose to 19 million, in China there are 50 million vegans, and in Germany, one in ten people live vegan. We (Germany) are also a world leader in the development and marketing of vegan products.

The most vegan countries are Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand (2018 data). The global market for vegan and vegetarian products in 2016 was worth $ 51 billion. The market for packaged vegan food in Australia is now worth nearly $ 215 million. “Not tested on animals” is the most important product designation for 57% of people.


A 2018 study at Oxford University, which is the most comprehensive analysis of the damage agriculture is doing to the planet, found that “giving up meat and dairy is the best way a single human being can minimize their impact on the Earth,” because livestock farming only provides 18% of calories, while taking up 83% of the arable land.

A 2010 UN report concluded that a global transition to a vegan diet would be key to saving the world from hunger, an energy deficit and the worst impacts of climate change.

In a World Health Organization report from November 2015, processed meat was classified as a group 1 carcinogenic product (the same as cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos). Eating just 50g of meat a day (like two slices of bacon) increases the risk of colon cancer by 18%. Red meat has been classified as a group 2A carcinogen.

So why is such a large proportion of society still consuming meat and animal products?

Every year, every vegan does not contribute to the suffering and death of more than 100 animals. Because it is animals that are victims of omnivores.

The industrial production of animals is a veritable death camp. Today it is difficult to remain blind to the truth because there is a lot of material showing the truth on the Internet, on the streets, on social media, activists fight for animal rights watchdominion

We change beliefs, traditions and reality. We strive to create a vegan future.

In a World Vegan Day, thank you for being a vegan, for being empathetic and loving in your heart. I wish you and myself to continue to realize, be an example and a proof that veganism is the only way for us to live in a world where every life is equally precious, children can be with their mothers, and meals eaten will be 100% donations of the earth.

This is what I wish for all of us, I believe it, I strive for it, and I will not stop until such a world becomes a reality.

And if you are not a vegan yet, I sincerely wish you to make the best decision of your life.

Happy World Vegan Day♥

Joy Forst